Partnership Wellness Program

Your pet’s health and well-being are our top priority.

What is a
Wellness Program?

As part of your family, your Pet’s health care is very important. Preventative medicine is significant to reduce health risks and to maintain the healthiest pet possible.

We recognize, just like in human health care, costs are rising and often pet health suffers because of it. So we are pleased to offer the Partnership Wellness Program. It takes a partnership between us, as your Veterinarian and you, as the client, to provide the best possible healthy life for your pet, the patient.

We could try and create a Partnership Wellness Plan for all stages of life, to fit within specific budgets for an optimal preventative health program. However, we just wanted to make it simple and give you, our clients the easiest option.

What’s Included in a Wellness Program?

To become a member in our Partnership Wellness program, you pay an annual fee of $99.00 per pet registered and receive two complimentary exams. As a wellness partner, all preventative health services, (annual vaccinations, heart worm and parasite testing, dentals, etc..) receive a 15% discount and all preventative prescriptions and products are 10 – 15% off — even pet foods are discounted, for after all, we are what we eat, and so is your pet.

Annually we will review your pet’s preventative health care needs and give you what we feel is the optimal preventative pet health care program for your pet, at its’ stage of life. You will know the cost and you choose how you can handle your budget to give your beloved fur baby the best preventative health care!

Payment Options

Want to do a health procedure, but don’t have the funds right away? Need to save up, but afraid you might spend it? We also offer a prepayment program. Think of it as a Pet Health Savings plan – We accept prepayments, and when the procedure is paid for, it can be scheduled. It’s as simple as that — again, this comes with a 10 – 15% discount when enrolled in the program.

Our goal is to provide the best preventative medical care we can, in the simplest way possible and allow you to give your pet the best preventative medical care you can.

How to Sign Up

To find out more about our Partnership Wellness Program call 580-658-7300. Book a complimentary appointment to discuss your pet’s health care needs, nutritional requirements and see if our Partnership Wellness Program will work for you!

You as the Parent and us, as the Health Care Professionals, need to be your pet’s health advocates. Let’s work together to give them the healthiest life possible!

For questions or concerns, please visit our contact page. If your matter is URGENT, please call us at 580-658-7300

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