Celebrate National Pet Month with Hammond Veterinary Hospital

Jul 14, 2022Blog Posting

We like to celebrate National Pet Month by sharing with our pet owners’ ideas on how they can celebrate their relationship with their pet and reward them for all the joy they bring to our lives. 

Here are some ways you can return the love and friendship your furry loved ones bring to you. 


Spoil Your Pet

You can go to the pet store and pick out some fun toys or take them with you and let them pick out their toy. Some favorites are tennis balls for dogs and wand toys or lasers for cats. In any case, you can shower them with love if you can’t afford new toys!

Have Fun! 

Spending time with you is probably the number one thing that your pet wants to do, which is one of the reasons you love them so much. Put some extra time into your schedule and play with them. Take a trip to the park or beach together and pick up a Puppucinno for them on the way.

Another idea that you could do is schedule a photoshoot for you and your fluffy loved one. 

You know your pet the best, so do something with them that you know they love to do.


Bring Your Pet to See Us for a Wellness Check

Wellness checks are an essential part of maintaining your pet’s well-being. They also allow us to get to know your pet and form a relationship with them for their future visits.

We will check your pet thoroughly during the examination and note any abnormalities, signs, or symptoms of illness.

We will examine your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chest, stomach, skin, and paws. Our doctors also check your pet’s pulse, heart rate, rhythm, weight, and body condition. 

Another great thing is that we tailor our wellness exams to your pet’s specific needs during their different stages of life. 

With each program, we will provide your pet with the preventive care needed to promote their optimal health. As a part of your pet’s preventive health care, we recommend the following schedule for checkups:

  • Puppies and kittens: At 6-8 weeks of age and every four weeks until the pet is over 18 weeks old
  • Adult dogs and cats: Once yearly
  • Older dogs and cats: Twice yearly

You can read more about what else we offer at our wellness checks here.


Keep their Teeth and Gums Healthy 

Another great way to show appreciation for your pet is to ensure they have a healthy mouth! You might think that a trip to the dentist doesn’t sound like fun for anyone, but tooth problems are even less fun and much more harmful.

Dental disease is the number one problem in dogs and cats. Although we don’t expect your pet’s mouth to smell minty fresh, neither should it be foul-smelling. Foul-smelling breath and discolored teeth are signs of dental disease.

These conditions are unsightly, but they are also very painful and can cause heart disease and respiratory disease and affect other organs.

Your pet will receive a comprehensive oral exam, and you will receive qualified treatment advice on how best to keep their mouth healthy and pain-free well into their golden years.

Our professional teeth cleaning performed under general anesthesia include full mouth x-rays, complete cleaning and polishing, and a full oral exam. 

If you missed our Feb blog on caring for your pet’s teeth, you can find it here


Final Words

We want you to have a fantastic time with your animals all the time! But it is nice to have a month we can dedicate especially for our furry friends. And, keeping them healthy helps you spend that much more time together making even more memories! 

We are passionate about helping animals, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you your pet. Wishing you and your pets a Happy National Pet Month!


Dr. Jeff Hammond
Hammond Veterinary Hospital